Bangalore being the Silicon Valley of India has steer-headed technology innovations. Technology has not only fueled business transformation but also changed how enterprises sell products and grow. Recently, an research company concluded that in 2016 the IT Market is expected to reach a $ 3.8 trillion. Going by the figures, this indicates $0.1 trillion upgrade from previous years figures.

Our Prime Minister and his cabinet has always been propaganda of digital economy. To achieve the mission, technology is the backbone. The disruption caused by modern technology such as cognitive computing, cloud computing, big data analytics garners movement in the mindset of companies from a IT services set up to creating real time offering with flexible business models.

With open platforms and integration being the key mantra in the IoT, cloud computing, Big Data spaces, the need for critical technology talent is a all time high. Spring Professional India forecasts major hiring with engineers proficient in the Cloud computing, API, data security, mobile, predictive analytics and IoT. Most technology companies are embracing that customers are the king and moving into customer centric missions and valued organization. This has lead to huge demand for product managers and digital managers.

With the emergence of startups and bullish investor mindset, new disruptive technology companies in logistics and FinTech taking on the big players is paving ways for need for white collar hires across functions.

The Government of India is expected to infuse $7 billion in aid to transform India into a tech savvy nation as a part of Digital India initiative. Making citizens have accessibility to government services on mobile means more business for IT services.

Buoyed by the positive economic scenarios, the key takeaways being new employment opportunities, hefty hikes and higher work satisfaction for the Technology folks. It also means highest rise in employment in 2016.

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