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Sales Manager


About Client :
The company is one of the world’s leading innovators, designers and manufacturers of High quality commercial /professional kitchen equipment and system serving the Ice, Beverage, Refrigeration, Cooking and surface cooking, Frying and Holding needs of Restaurants, Fast food chains, Convenience stores, Hotels, Healthcare and Institutional applications

Industry: Food Service
Position: Sales manager
Location: Delhi
Experience : 10-12 years in institutional selling to HORECA(Hotels ,Restaurants and Cafes)

Qualification : Graduate/ MBA.
Job Responsibilities :
· Responsible for Business Development, Sales, Pricing, Forecasting, Marketing, Credit Control
· Good communication skills, ability to build relationships and to take initiatives.
· Familiar and updated with the latest global trends & developments in the retail segment.
· Understanding of product along with its competitive analysis and product mapping.
· Focused, competent, accountable and strives to deliver time bound results.
· Foresightedness of changing business environment & customer requirements.
· Good sales person with strong track record of delivering excellent results.
· Well networked and connected in the industry.
· Active participant in Industry events and seminars.

· Responsible for achieving ambitious sales and growth targets and increasing our Market share in kitchen equipments .

· Support and Liaise with our distributors/channel partners to increase sales of kitchen equipment.



Delhi, India

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