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  • Representing Pilatus interests and requirements against all TASL levels, especially the management.
  • Responsible for the running production of the “PC-12 Green Aircraft” at TASL in accordance to the Agreement between TASL and Pilatus Aircraft Ltd.
  • Liaison person between Pilatus PC-12 program management and TASL.
       Quality Assurance
  • Supporting the Pilatus quality assurance department.
  • Audit of production processes together with the TASL quality assurance.
  • Supervise and ensure the running production program. Issue of the weekly report for the attention of the Pilatus program management.
       Production Engineering Task
  • In case of modifications: Cooperation with the production engineering of the Pilatus PC-12 program management.
       Transport and Customs
  • Give support in case of problems with the customs.
       Jigs and Tools
Monitoring of the calibration and maintenance of the Pilatus jigs and tools. Mechanical Engineer Years of Experience - 20-24 years
  • At  least 12 years  of experience in the management role especially of aircraft aerostructure assembling projects;
  • Possesses managerial experience leading a team of professionals;
  • Has extensive knowledge of the operational, quality  and engineering aspects of aviation aero structures and technologies,
  • Prepared to work flexible/long hours and ability to work under pressure.
  • Has to have authority and excellent communications skills
  • Self confident and self reliant
  • Aerostructure Industry
  • Has experience and a demonstrated ability to work in an international environment
  • Experience working with an European industrial company.



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